Download Valorant Aimbot 2022 Free Hack (Undetected, Easy to Use, Regularly Updated) No Ban Valorant Cheat

Good day GamerFun readers, and welcome back to your website that makes sure you get the latest free, undetected, working hacks all over the Internet. Today I’m back with the latest 2022 free cheat for Valorant. Based on a personal experience, and after playing several rounds using this hack, I decided to post it here for you all to benefit from.

Valorant Aimbot Cheat

This Aimbot Hack was developed by 10Head and it’s an amazing free, undetected, working cheat that works perfectly well and helps you improve your aim in Valorant. It is a 100% safe cheat that won’t cause any harm to your device. Its latest update was on January 18, 2022. However, there are more future updates to wait for. So stay tuned for the latest updates of this cheat and many more on our website GamerFun.Club.

Features of Valorant Free Undetected 2022 Latest Aimbot Hack

  • Free
  • Undetected 
  • Safe
  • Easy to use 
  • No bans 
  • Works perfectly well 
  • Constantly updated 
  • Aimbot 
  • Add your own settings
  • Adjustable
  • Works in Fullscreen Mode

How to Use Valorant Safe No Ban 2022 Aimbot Cheat

  1.  Install Interception driver
  2.  Download Valorant Free Aimbot Hack from below
  3. put all the files on the desktop 
  4. The Interception go to this pc/properties/advance system settings/environment variables/system path/path
  5. Click new/browse then find the interception
  6. Run Cmd as admin and type
  7. Type install interception.exe /install
  8. Restart your device 
  9. And now you’re done setting the interception driver
  10. Download extreme injector
  11. Put DLL on it
  12. Open notepad/WinRAR or any process
  13. WinRAR is x64 x32 boom inject
  14. Press OK + write in console 0.15  1 or 2
  15. Set enemy highlight color to purple

Important to Use New Step Bypass 

  1. Download and install the program (rawaccel)
  2. Reboot your device and open the Logitech gaming hub running at the bottom without running into events
  3. Even if rawaccel is installed, interception should be installed in two of them
  4. Now inject the aimbot DLL into the 32-bit program
  5. Enter the game and enjoy 


  • Don’t Inject the DLL directly into the game
  • And of course, do not miss any step

In Case You Faced Errors Do The Following 


  1. First, put on the manual map in settings in the extreme injector
  2. Then, download interception.dll and pull to the folder containing rage.dll/legit.dll
  3. Next, install visual studio with the options .net & c++

Config for Valorant Hack







Download Valorant Aimbot Hack 2022  for Free

Download Valorant Aimbot Hack