Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir

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Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir, APK uygulama sitemizde Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir apk indirme linkini sizler için paylaştık. Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir ile alakalı detaylar yazımızda..

Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir

Ücretsiz Truck Hill Drive Cargo Simulator Apk İndir

If you love playing truck driving games then “Truck Hill Drive : Cargo Simulatorquot; is the best truck driving game for you. This cargo delivery truck driving game is full of excitement and adventure to take heavy cargo from source to deliver on their destination.

To drive safely on curvy and dangerous tracks, we recommend you to drive slowly, because there are a lot of speed breakers on the road, take care of them and apply brakes when you see speed breakers.

“Truck Hill Drive : Cargo Simulatorquot; game included two environments, one is summer and 2nd one is winter, every environment contain 15 different levels. Driving heavy cargo truck is not so easy, you have to show your expert driving skill to complete all challenging missions and move on next missions, during game play be careful and drive safely, because if you drop any items during game play, then you will be failed to complete the mission.

Be the first cargo truck driver in hilly areas and become the best off-road truck driver. There is also some traffic rush on mountains so you can enjoy your truck drive journey in an immersive environment with some care. In this game first truck is free for drive, if you want to change the truck you must get game money during game play through your performance and driving skills.

In this game your mission is to load different types of goods like wood, iron, oil tanks and unload those items in the desired destination safely.

When you loaded goods, drive safely to avoid from speed breakers, ramps and other dangerous curvy turns. If any single item dropped from the trucks, then the game is over, that challenge have to completed within given time. You will drive on the dangerous mountain and there is so many sharp turns, you have to control speed and always ready press on brake any time to avoid the accident.

How to play:
This game is simple and easy to play.

Truck Hill Drive : Cargo Simulator Apk indir

—Press race button to move truck forward.
—Press brake button to stop the truck.
—Press reverse button to move the truck back.

—Two environments (Summer amp; Winter).
—5 different trucks models.
—Select truck color.
—15 levels in each environment.
—Very easy and smooth to control.
—Excellent graphics.
—Multiple challenging levels.
—Trucks customization.
—Real physics
—On screen control buttons

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