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TAS Mobile Apk Download

TAS Mobile Apk Download

TAS Mobile is the ultimate field-bilgi collection tool for retail real estate. If you have a TAS Online login, TAS Mobile provides access to all your TAS Online real estate informasyon, information, and knowledge right from your Android tablets and phones. When you fix a store location, attach photos to a store, or add comments, these are available immediately to everyone else in your company.

TAS Mobile contains a huge database of retail store locations and allows you to assess the viability of potential sites based on the competitive landscape.

TAS Mobile Apk Full

* Stores are symbolized by chain
* School locations
* College locations
* Bank locations
* Create rings around retail store or point locations
* Create basic demographic reports
* Create basic thematic maps
* Aerial and bird’s eye photos

Additionally, TAS Online users can:
* Access to their company’s licensed and proprietary store data
* Access to their company’s licensed demographic data and any other licensed or proprietary data such as traffic counts
* Two-way access to your company’s bilgi. Any changes or additions are shared with your entire company.
– Upload photos to proprietary or shared store databases
– Add comments
– Move stores to the correct locations
– Edit store bilgi
* Drive-time polygons
* Use your personal favorite locations for easy access

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