Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download

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Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download, APK uygulama sitemizde Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download apk indirme linkini sizler için paylaştık. Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download ile alakalı detaylar yazımızda..

Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download

Tap Busters Bounty Hunters Apk Download

Fulfill your destiny and become the tap master of the galaxy! Travel through exotic alien realms of the universe as a dashing bounty hunter busting baddies and collecting loot. Got clicker fatigue? Let your adorable and loyal minions shake down enemies as you kick back, relax, and let the idle profits roll in. Embark on your epic galactic RPG journey today!

● TAP your way To The Top! Tap to level your skills, upgrade equipment, collect loot, and win in PvP battles. Tap your dial-pad to call your mom and tell her how cool this clicker is!
● DIVE into a full RPG experience in your pocket! Travel through a beautiful, but deadly, galaxy and become the hero youre destined to be.
● JOIN forces in guilds: Theres strength in numbers, Hero! Create or join a Guild and fight Guild only MEGA bosses together!
● FIGHT in competitive PVP arenas. It’s every Hero for themselves in arenas in hope for a spot on the global leaderboards, exclusive arena-only rewards and bragging rights!
● COLLECT rare weapons amp; armor. Combine gems to create powerful weapon amp; armor combos!
● EVOLVE in to something greater! Plenty of play styles to choose from, including Gunslinger, for clicker connoisseurs; Automanic, for impeccable idle player; and Warlock, for those seeking multiplayer sorcery
●IMMERSE yourself in a sci-fi world created by Noper, named one of the top 200 illustrators worldwide by Lürzers Archive magazine!
● EARN idle profits. Even when you’re not playing, your pets are working hard to get you gold for the next time you log in! They really deserve a day off.

Tap Busters: Bounty Hunters Apk Full

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