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SystemUI Tuner Apk Download

SystemUI Tuner Apk Download

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READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING: https://github.Com/zacharee/Tweaker/blob/master/app/src/main/assets/terms.Md

SAMSUNG USERS ON ANDROID NOUGAT (7) and OREO (8) READ THIS: https://forum.Xda-developers.Com/showpost.Php?P=72413941amp;postcount=283


SystemUI Tuner is not magic! It simply exposes some hidden options in Android. Different manufacturers may remove or change these options, which SystemUI Tuner CANNOT work around.

ADB Commands for more convenient copy-paste (ADB is not root):
– adb shell pm grant com.Zacharee1.Systemuituner android.Permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

– adb shell pm grant com.Zacharee1.Systemuituner android.Permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS

– adb shell pm grant com.Zacharee1.Systemuituner android.Permission.DUMP

For some reason, a lot of manufacturers seem to have a problem with us customizing our own devices, to the point where some disable the built-in Android System UI Tuner.

This app aims to fix that problem, by providing a replacement. For the most part, this is a replica of Androids System UI Tuner; however, there are a few extra goodies that Androids solution doesnt include by default.

Using this app you can:
– Control which icons appear in your status bar (not every toggle will work on every device).
– Customize Demo Mode.
– Control the importance level of notifications (7.0 ; doesnt work well on Samsung).
– Enable some hidden features of Android.
– Toggle Immersive Mode.

SystemUI Tuner Apk indir

0 users can change the grid size).
– Customize animation speeds.
– And so much more.

Most features should work on most devices. Heavily customized OEM versions of Android (such as TouchWiz/Samsung Experience/One UI, EMUI, MIUI, etc) will have fewer available. There is nothing that can be done about this.

THIS APP WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY ON ALL DEVICES! This includes most versions of MIUI, while Samsungs TouchWiz Marshmallow (6) will not work at all!

Now for some notes:
– This app does NOT require ROOT, but you will need to grant some permissions using ADB (instructions in app). ADB IS NOT ROOT!
– If your device is rooted, the app will attempt to gain root access. You can deny access if you want, but you will need to use ADB to grant the permissions.
– This app should work on any device running Android Marshmallow (6.0) or above, except most devices running MIUI and devices on TouchWiz 6.0.
– This app is not a magic wand. SystemUI Tuner is simply exposing hidden options available in Android. If there isnt an option for something, or an existing option doesnt work on your device, theres nothing that I can do to fix it.
– Immersive Mode is finnicky! Dont expect it to work perfectly, and dont expect me to be able to do anything about it. Again, its an option built into Android. I have no control over what Google or your OEM does to mess it up.
– Changes you make are permanent! Uninstalling SystemUI Tuner WILL NOT and CANNOT undo your changes. On Android Oreo (8.0) and later, there is an option to reset most settings, but it is YOUR responsibility to keep track of what you change.

If you have a sorun, visit the XDA thread, send me an email, or visit the Telegram group. However, make sure you read this description and any warnings present in the app before asking a question.

XDA: https://forum.Xda-developers.Com/android/apps-games/app-systemui-tuner-t3588675

Source code: https://github.Com/zacharee/Tweaker


Help Translate: https://crowdin.Com/project/systemui-tuner


Thanks to Android Dev for the feature graphic!

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