Download the LSCHaX Free Undetected GTA5 Mod for 1.57 [External] 100%working 2022 Version 


If you were one of the fans of Grand Theft Auto V – the legendary action-adventure game that never gets old- and you want to enjoy roaming in Las Andreas using whatever car you like, then you will surely like the hack I’m giving you today in this post.

LSCHax is a very simple car editor for GTA 5. You can use this free undetected cheat not only to collect cool cars in your garage but also to get more cash through changing cars to elegy customs.

LSCHaX Free Undetected Car Editor Hack Features 

  • Free
  • Undetected 
  • 100% Working 
  • Absolutely Safe 
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Routinely Updated
  • Edit Any Car
  • Save Any Car
  • Collect Money 

How To Use The LSCHaX External Free cheat

  1. 1. Choose a car and break it a little bit
  2. 2. Go to Los Santos Customs
  3. 3. Launch LSCHax as soon as you get into Los Santos Customs
  4. 4. Pick the game version you want (Steam, Social Club… etc.)
  5. 5. Wait for a while then type “8” and press “Enter” 
  6. 6. Go to “Loss/Theft Prevention” but DON’T buy anything
  7. 7. Hit “6” and type “elegy” then press “Enter”
  8. 8. Wait a few seconds, then buy a tracker ( no need to buy “Full Coverage” one)
  9. 9. Wait till it kicks you out of LSC
  10. 10. Go to your garage but DON’T drive-in
  11. 11. Pick any vehicle you want from your garage, then drive out and in again
  12. 12. Now you will notice that Elegy Custom has just appeared!

How To Use Video 

Download The LSCHaX External GTA V Hack For Free