Download GTA V Free Simple External Overlay (GodMode, Infinite Ammo, Triggerbot, Never Wanted…) Undetected 2022 Cheat 


Who doesn’t like GTA? The iconic first-person shooter video game that appeared in 1997 and maintained the same success rate till nowadays. Until today, gamers all around the world search for good working mod menus which can help them boost their in-game experience and enjoy the game more and more.

In today’s post, I brought you a great external overlay for GTA V; one that you can install for absolutely free. Its current stable release is v1.7.0 (Github)

It’s good to note here that the developer couldn’t find a single overlay that would support all versions of the game, thus he developed multiple versions of the cheat for each edition of the game.

Consequently, this Steam edition doesn’t work for the Epic Games version at all and semi supports Social Club edition.

GTA 5 Online Free Hack Release Highlights

  • Perfect Weapon Optimization
  • Tune Car Optimization
  • New Transparent UI

N.B. Offsets were added for Epic and Social Club Support.

Features of GTA V Free External Overlay

  • Free 
  • Undetected 
  • Constantly Updated 
  • Safe 
  • Perfect Performance 
  • GodMode 
  • Never Wanted 
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Tune Car
  • Triggerbot (for Social Club edition)
  • Perfect Weapon (SOCOM Inspired)
  • RP and Crew Rank Booster 

GTA 5 Online Cheat Weapon Amendments

  • Damage
  • Spread
  • Penetration
  • Velocity
  • Range

GTA Modded Weapons

  • All bullets guns 

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GTA V Tune Car Amendments 

  • Increased Acceleration & Speed
  • Increased Handling
  • Increased Braking
  • Vehicle Health Recovery
  • Removed Damage and Collision Force

Features of DEV Preview Branch 

  • For Social Club (and it’s being tested on Epic Games edition as well) the overlay works perfectly except for the perfect Weapon feature.

How to install GTA V Simple Free External Overlay 

  1. Download our GTA 5 External Overlay form below 
  2. Open “Simple-GTAV-External-Trainer.sln”
  3. Go to NuGet Packages and restore Memory.dll (×64)
  4. Rename some methods and add some junk in
  5. Build project to create executable 
  6. Launch GTA 5 in Borderless Window Mode (1920×1080) and go online
  7. Run the hack and have some fun.

GTA 5 Online External Hack Hotkeys 

  • [Insert]: Show/ Hide
  • [Delete]: Quit Menu 
  • [F5]: Triggerbot 
  • [F6]: God Mode 
  • [F7]: Never Wanted 
  • [F8]: Controller 
  • [F9]: All Off
  • [1]: Infinite Ammo 
  • [2]: RP Booster 
  • [3]: Perfect Weapon 
  • [4]: Tune car

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Download GTA V External Overlay for Free