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GaCivs Apk Download

GaCivs Apk Download


In the Golden Age of Civilizations, achieving success requires a balance between economic expansion, military strength, and technological development. Once technological progress özgü brought you into the space age, you may launch a spacecraft and the first civilization whose launch it wins. Because of the game is time-based, the game will end after four weeks (if no spacecraft have yet been launched), the surviving civilizations are then rated, and the one with the highest overall score is the winner.

The game is derived from the FreeCiv but it was devised to support time-based instead of turn-based strategy; and it is supports the MMO gameplay where you compete against hundreds and sometimes thousands opponents to found cities and use them to support a military, and finally to complete an empire that survives all encounters with its neighbors to emerge victorious. Each opponent is human player, not controlled by the computer!

Though the game is played in time and through weeks, at the beginning of each units are assigned movement time, which are spent as they move and act.

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The units cannot carry ekstra movement time into the next hours or days, every units has a limit of accumulation of time. All players begin with six units on a small continent: two Explorer, one Warriors, one Workers and two Settlers unit — and race to expand outward from those humble beginnings.

Most of your map will be blank when the game begins, your units travel and discover the oceans and continents of the world. Note that your map is only the record of the terrain and cities your last encountered in an area — you will not learn about changes in an area until your units visit again, nor can you observe the movement of enemy units that are out of sight of your units and cities.

Lets start playing today, are you ready?! 🙂

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