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Flat Apk Download

Flat Apk Download

Flat is a PWA (Progressive Web App) that requires Google Chrome.

A great and easy-to-use music notation editor on Android. Flat is an app that let you create, edit, playback, print and export your sheet music and tabs. Cloud-based, you can also edit scores with your internet browser and collaborate in real-time across devices with friends and colleagues.

Flat brings the following features among many others:

– Your music notation editor in your pocket with a clean and intuitive interface.
– Read and write music notation and guitar tabs, together.
– Real-time collaboration and offline edition if you lose your internet connection.
– Share online on Flat, or export to PDF, MIDI, and MusicXML.

Flat Apk Full

– Hundreds of music notations available in multiple toolbars: notes, articulations, dynamics, measures, texts, etc.
– An easy way to add chords with a useful autocompletion.
– Transpose by key, interval, and tone.
– Choose what part to display when working on your score, with Continuous and Page View.
– And much more…

Once youre done composing, share your composition with a worldwide community of more than 1 million composers. Or simply print it, export it to PDF, MIDI or MusicXML files.

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