BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download

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BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download, APK uygulama sitemizde BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download apk indirme linkini sizler için paylaştık. BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download ile alakalı detaylar yazımızda..

BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download

BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk Download

The rabbitry is made simple and organized with ultimate features like Breeding, breed chain, Litter, Weight Tracking, Tasks to do, and Track the Income and expense of each rabbit. Get a health analysis of your rabbits with great insights. Customize various options to make your rabbit program easy and organized according to your rabbitry.

We got your back!
Now forget running back at those papers to have a track of your breeds and their details rather than stay organized with Bunny Records. With Bunny Records, you can Stay organized with features like

Breeders :
Details of every single rabbit can be added under the new breeder menu manually by providing the name, birth date, or the acquired date including the breed variety and its registration number(unique code)

Litter :
Set the mating date manually followed by updating the rabbit’s details. This calculates and Records the expected date your doe will give birth to stay updated with your rabbit’s breeding program.

Breed chain :
Breed processes can be customized according to your rabbitry’s procedure in settings. This customizable option comes with a litter manager, tracking weight menus, and more.

Cage management:
Update the rabbit’s accommodated cage name/number where it can be later used to easily grab the current status of each nest from your rabbitry.

Scanner for your rabbitry:
Get each of your rabbits an ID printed with a scanner on their cage which can be scanned later to get direct details of that particular rabbit.

Weight tracking of rabbits :
Once the kits are given birth, update the weight of each newborn rabbit and the mother rabbit for three days once for a better analysis of health and growth for your rabbitry.

Pedigree :
BunnyRecords paves the way to update up to three generations of a rabbit’s family details which consist of valuable information.

BunnyRecords – Rabbit Manager Apk indir

Rabbitry Stats:
Get stats for each rabbit, litter, and overall rabbitry which displays growth chart, weight, and average weight with survival rate.

Production purpose of rabbits :
Once the rabbit has completed its purpose, mark whether it was used for meat, sold. And also, delete the complete record of the particular rabbit if there’s no need.

Check out the Technical features

Multiple device support:
Have your data up to date on any device with any operating system. Providing you with easy access to the details anytime anywhere about your rabbitry.

Get Notified:
Yes, get notified on important schedules like litter, kindling, and tasks about your rabbit farm through phone or email provided for your rabbitry which helps you to never miss a task at any time.

Safe and secured records:
Provides high-level security for your bilgi which enables you to access the informasyon even if the device is crashed or lost.

Ledger management :
Helps you to handle the financial management of your rabbitries such as income, expenses, and other capital details.

Spend time efficiently :
Helps you to organize your records more efficiently by saving time with wide options which leads to an easy reach of your rabbitry status.
Bunny Records is for Rabbitry management is also known as Rabbit program app or Rabbitry app used for breeding, litter, weight tracking of rabbits, and finance management for your rabbitry.

Offline Version :
Our new update includes an offline version that enables you to work on breeders amp; litter records, schedule tasks, and more.

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