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Bossy Toss Apk İndir

Bossy Toss Apk İndir

Want to relieve some stress or relax? Just beat or kick the boss in 3D!
You can in this free bossy tossy game!

Use your skills to throw an enormous variety of weapons and objects at that annoying bossy character and show ‘em who is the quot;realquot; boss!

Complete quests, objectives, seasonal tasks and achievements to unlock all the awesome weapons and levels this game has to offer!

Create unique tossing tricks and combinations in this non idle clicker style game!

-Over 100 tools, papers, magic and weapons to unlock!
-Customize your tools and weapons with many variants!

-Colorful low poly levels with a hidden storyline, score progress and discover it!
-Different cartoony bosses to battle; greasy boss, managers, doctors and more!
-A unique single player experience, no more stress!
-Infinite playtime and a great way to blow off some steam!
-Crazy toon effects like; explosions, anti gravity, implosions, magic float, grappling arrows and more!
-Realtime funny 3D ragdoll physics.

-Greasy boss and Manager in the office.
-Hobo in the streets.

Bossy Toss Apk indir

-Astronaut on the space station.
And more to discover!

Had a clash with your boss? Just toss!

Want to use something as a weapon or tool? Just let us know in a review and you might see it in the future!

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