Download Among Us 100% Working Mod Menu (Free, Safe, Undetected, no ban, ESP, Imposter, Wallhack, SkinChanger,  items unlocker…etc.) 2022 Cheat 


Among Us is a multiplayer online video game that was developed and published by inner sloth on June 15, 2018, for different platforms such as  Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Also on PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

And since Among Us is a “game of betrayal and teamwork” you’d better want to thank me for the amazing hack I’m giving you today 😉

I’ve been using this menu for a little while now and believe me if I told you that it’s everything you want. It is a free, 100% safe, totally working cheat that had a lot of features that can help you win easily and enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest extent.

Features of Among Us Free Mod Menu ( Esp, Imposter, Skin Unlocker, Items Unlocker, And More)

This menu has a lot of features. For instance, it is
  • Free
  • Undetected 
  • 100% working 
  • Totally safe 
  • ESP
  • skin unlocker
  • Items unlocker (hats and pets)
  • Remove ban timers 
In addition to that, there are more specific features concerning every aspect of the game and they are as follows 

1. In regard to game

  • Change radar color 
  • Change menu color
  • Change the player’s speed 
  • Change the kill distance 
  • Change the taskbar updates

2. In regard to players
    A. In case of host

  • Choose imposters
  • Switch the map in the lobby (with Delks promote

    B. In case of other players

  • Maximum vision
  • Wallhack (It Show you, other players, through walls)
  • Freecam
  • Zoom
  • Permanently visible chat button
  • Read ghosts messages 
  • See ghosts 
  • Reveal impostors
  • Unlock vents
  • NoClip
  • See the percentage of the completed tasks 
  • Report dead body
  • Call meeting
  • Spectate

3.In regard to radar:

  • Reveal dead bodies
  • Reveal ghosts
  • Teleport (using the right click)
  • Hide radar throughout meetings
  • Total radar blackout

4. In regard to tasks:

  • Accomplish all tasks
  • Accomplish individual tasks
  • Fake visual tasks as an impostor

5. In regard to sabotage:

  • Repair and Sabotage
  • Disable lights (so you can repair them)

6.  In regard to doors:

  • Close all doors
  • Close and pin certain doors
  • See closed doors

7.  In regard to the console:

  • List and filter all types of events (such as entering a vent, completing a task, killing someone…etc.)

How To Use Among Us Free Undetected hack

  1. Download the hack from the button below.
  2. Select “AmongUsMenu.dll”.
  3. Inject using any injector 
  4. It will be loaded automatically if the DLL is in the game directory 
  5. Click “version.dll”
  6. Have fun 🙂

Default Hotkeys

To show the menu Press “Delete”
To show the radar press “Insert”
To show console press “Home”
To repair the sabotage press “End”

Download Among Us Always Imposter Hack